Leadership Development

Leadership Development
Level Solution Duration
Leading Self Awareness Before Change (ABC) 2 Days
Unleash Your Potential (Winning Attitude) 2 Days
Service Excellence 2 Days
Powerful Presentation Skill 2 Days
Developing Your Proactivity 2 Days
Time Management 2 Days
Creative Thinking 2 Days
Leading Team Communication Master Class 2 Days
Running Effective Meeting 2 Days
Managing Conflict for Better Performance 2 Days
Effective Negotiation Skill 2 Days
Consultative Selling 2 Days
Building High Performing Team 2 Days
Building Essential Team (MBTI) + Outbound 2 Days
Leading Others Dynamic Delegation 2 Days
Emotional Intelligence 2 Days
Becoming Bi-Lingual Leader 2 Days
Problem Solving & Decision Making 2 Days
Strategic Thinking through Value Innovation 2 Days
High Quality Service 2 Days
The Practical Coaching 2 Days
The Effective Coach 2 Days
Leading Organization Building Corporate Culture 2 Days
Other Program ToT: Becoming Effective Facilitator 3 Days
Leading New Generations (Gen Y & Z) 3 Days
NLP Leadership 3 Days